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About Stereo Unlimited

Stereo Unlimited has been building cutting edge audio systems for over 40 years in the San Diego, CA area. We maintain an active presence of analog and digital systems for lifelike sound reproduction in our showroom. Our store has not only hopped on the home theater bandwagon within the recent years but we have kept up to date with the latest in the technology industry. Our concept is to bring many years experience in sound and merge them with the new technologies of a digital home. We are located in San Diego, California.
Wooden subwoofer - Stereos  in San Diego, CA


The most important aspect is support for the client before, during, and after the sale. Most stores only focus on the first two phases when interacting with clients. Stereo Unlimited has a huge commitment to all the systems that we design in all three of these phases. Should you need an upgrade or something goes wrong there will be someone to call who is ready to help.


This industry is constantly changing and making sure the people you work with are keeping up with the latest advances is very important. Our staff know the equipment we sell and use creative solutions to blend both form and function into their concepts.


A great design does not have to be complicated to use. Many of our systems can be activated with the touch of a button. If you want a cinematic experience or background listening a whole range of options are at your fingertips. Our technologies bring the listener as close to the live experience as possible.