At Stereo Unlimited we not only specialize in Hi-Fi audio gear and Home Theater istalations but we also stock over 30,000 records - both new and used.

New Vinyl:

 - New vinyl received weekly (Jazz, Classic Rock, Rock, Alt. Rock, Soul, Classical)

 - We stock releases from:  Impex, Blue Note, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MoFi), Original Recording Group, Pure Audiophile Records, Speakers Corner Records, Legacy Vinyl, Capitol Vaults, Classic Records, Rhino Vinyl, and others.

 - Follow us Facebook and/or Twitter as we frequntly post new arrivals.

Used Vinyl:

 - Our used vinyl services include: Buy, Trade, Sell

 - Record Cleaning Available on a VPI HD17


  - Cleaning Supplies (Stylus and Vinyl), Inner Sleeves, Static Control Devices, etc.

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