Stereo Unlimited offers the following services:

Wiring: Making wires disappear into the walls for a single room or the whole house is a specialty. We do both new construction and retrofit wiring for pre-existing homes. Our structured wiring can be done to plan for new technologies and features as well as current needs.

Installation: Details like ventilation and appropriate placement of equipment help ensure longevity and easy access to needed components. Our installers are careful to make sure all faceplates, rack mounts, and wire terminations will be functional with a clean look.

Stereo: Analog or digital we can satisfy even the most discriminating listener.

Turntable: We can set your turnable up! Adjustments can provide tangential and vertical alignment, tracking force, azimuth, and anti-skating. Buy from us, and these adjustments are free!

Multi-room: Play something different in any room of the house using multiple zones. Controls can be as easy as a volume control and keypad or a fancy touchscreen.

Video: From a single plasma display to a front or rear projection system there are many options we can include for your home.

Home Theatre: We strive to exceed the performance of commercial theatres. By adding a comfortable leather cinema chair you can sit back and be immersed in the experience.

Programming: Certified programmers on our staff make sure a system is easy to use. With highly customizable touchscreen interfaces just about any part of your home can be automated. Imagine you press a button and the lights dim, the curtains draw, and you are already watching a film.

Room Acoustics: The interaction of sound with a room can be controlled through careful placement of acoustic treatments. We can recommend options for better performance or design a room from the ground up to make the most of your investment.

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