Shunyata Research



Power distribution, power cables, signal cables and Accessories.


Shunyata Research scientist Caelin Gabriel's extensive technical background and years of research deliver a truly ground-breaking technology that literally brings down the price of state-of-the-art performance from power and signal cable systems to a realistic number. The ΞTRON™ technology is applied in both PowerSnakes Signal Cables and the reference range of PowerSnakes Power Cords. All of the Shunyata Research cable products that incorporate the ΞTRON™ technology will out-perform cables costing five, ten and twenty-times their price. The engineering and detailed process involved in developing this new patent-pending, protected technology is described in detail below. No cable manufacturer has any product, at any price, that will compete with a ΞTRON™ treated Shunyata PowerSnakes model power and signal cable.

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